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FEATURED STORE – GM Hydrogarden Atherton

GM Hydrogarden have your best interests at heart, they’ll only recommend products they believe in, and won’t try to sell you the highest priced one.

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FEATURED STORE – National Hydroponics

Situated minutes from the A666 and Bolton Train Station, National Hydroponics Bolton’s store is within easy reach of Bolton, Leigh, Bury and the surrounding areas.

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Video: Mighty Bloom in 30 Seconds

Mighty Bloom Enhancer Increases female flowering sites and the plants solid to water ratio, giving a hard and dense finish with massive increases to dry flower weight. This highly effective Bloom Booster is also PGR Free and for best results should be used alongside Head Masta.

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Growtec Rochdale are located on a quiet high street, with lots of parking at the back, which means they’re easy to get to, and for those who prefer a discreet shopping experience, you’re likely to go unnoticed.

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FEATURED STORE – Premier Grow Hinckley

Premier Grow Hinckley pride themselves on their great customer service, and after sales service. Their loyal customer base is testament to this modern approach to hydroponic retailing.

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Video: Head Masta in 30 Seconds

Head Masta Improves the quality, aromatics and flavours of high yielding crops. Expect to see the visual appeal of your plants improve as Head Masta works to increase their oil and resin production. This Quality Improver is PGR free and for best results should be used alongside Mighty Bloom Enhancer.

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FEATURED STORE – Premier Grow Leicester

In keeping with the demands of their customers, Premier Grow Leicester offer next day delivery on any order place before 2pm.

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Video: Bio Balancer in 30 Seconds

Bio Balancer biologically activates inert media and growing systems, which in turn boosts the plants resistance to diseases and increases plant nutrient uptake. Bio Balancer also suppresses the development of predatory organisms, whilst stimulating blooms of beneficial bacteria.

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FEATURED STORE – GrowMate Hydroponics Bromsgrove

Situated minutes from the M42 and Bromsgrove train station, GrowMate Hydroponics Bromsgrove’s store is within easy reach of Bromsgrove, Redditch, Kidderminster and the surrounding areas.

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