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Video: Mike Biggs on Regen-A-Root


More details from the creator of CX Horticulture

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Regen-A-Root – with Mike Biggs

Mike Biggs, creator of CX horticulture UK talks us through the benefits of using Regen-a-Root, part of the CX Horticulture UK range of hydroponic Additive Nutrients.

See the video below…


How does Regen-A-Root work?

• By mainly inducing the plant to produce its own auxins
• Auxins are the hormones that produce roots
• Used at every stage of plant growth = massive root system

During the bloom cycle: The plant stops growing roots and starts sending all it’s energy into the flowers, this allows pathogens entry into the roots, which the plants don’t replace.

Using throughout the bloom cycle

Roots will be:
• Always white
• Always strong
• Always vigorous
• Always healthy

• NO disease problems
• Opportunity for massive yields from a decent root system

Use Regen-A-Root all the time and every grow!

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